Why Vessel Restoration PCI

The implantation of latest generation drug-eluting stents represents one of the major therapeutic achievements of Cardiology. Without detracting from the advantages of this therapeutic solution, the rigidity in a coronary artery following stenting can be problematic due to the loss of natural motion and function that are vital for coronary artery health in the long term (5-10+ years).

Major long-term health issues attributed in part to the loss of arteries natural ability to pulse, bend, and twist with every heartbeat and expand over time in response to coronary artery disease progression include the need to retreat the same artery segment and formation of blood clots in the artery.

Similar objectives can be achieved utilising Bioadaptor/DynamX. This device has links that are not permanent allowing vessel unchanging preserving vasomotor and positive remodelling.


Bioadaptive bioadaptors

  • What are bioadaptors?
  • Materials
  • Studies
  • Which bioadaptor do we use?

Drug-coated balloon

  • Description of a drug-coated balloon
  • Studies
  • What are the advantages of drug-coated balloons over metal stents, including bioresorbable scaffolds?
  • What are the unique features of drug-coated balloons?

Hybrid solutions

  • Is it possible to think about hybrid solutions?
  • When do we need a hybrid solution?
  • What are the potential benefits of a hybrid solution?
  • Hybrid solutions: the approach